Rochelle Gandour-Rood

Rochelle Gandour-Rood
Job title 
Headwater Youth Education Program Coordinator
About me 
I am TU's national Headwaters Youth Program Coordinator. "TU's Headwaters Program" is the umbrella term for the stream of engagement that includes all our youth and young adult programs, including Stream Explorers, TIC/SIC, AaT, Camps & Academies, TU Teens, and 5 Rivers.
Favorite quote 
"A child's world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement." -Rachel Carson
Group membership 
TU Teens
Youth Camps & Academies
5 Rivers Program
Adopt-a-Trout (AaT)
Stream Explorers
Trout & Salmon in the Classroom (TIC/SIC)
Teen Summit 2014