TU Teen Essay Contest 2012

Ever wonder what it is like to be a TU camper?  Besides the fishing, tying, and field work, what really happens at TU’s summer camps and academies?  Well, for the first time, we get a look at the campers’ perspectives—a glimpse of exactly what TU Teens think about our fly fishing and conservation summer camps and academies.

This year, TU hosted an essay contest for teens, asking them to describe “TU Summer Camp is….”  And, let me tell you, camp is clearly many many things!  Each TU Teen has a different experience to highlight.  Devin really enjoys making new friends who also strive to be complete anglers, balancing fishing with conservation.  For Sam, fly fishing is also a chance for real camaraderie, while Minica finds new adventures in the sport.  Tressa shares a whole photo essay of all her experiences, and Noah has some real tales to tell!  Our contest top winner, Adam, bravely shares his story of struggle, and of finding himself again, while in the close-knit community of camp.  He writes of finding the peace and joy of being outside, in gazing at the night sky, and of being surrounded a very special group of people: TU campers and camp counselors.

This is a collection of TU Teen perspectives that you don’t want to miss.  You can read all six winning essays at www.tu.org/teen-essays.



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