TU Teens Instagram Photo Contest: Enter for a chance to win a pair of Costas!

by Erich Frie, Youth Leadership Council Member, Hacklebarney TU Chapter of NJ
A mammoth part of cold water conservation is making sure the fish are healthy and ample in the rivers they inhabit. As most fishermen know, the concept of catch and release is a more recent movement in the history of fishing and has caught on with many anglers. 
The ideology of Keepemwet has taken catch and release one step further in the right direction. This method of catch and release keeps the well being of the fish in mind because even though one releases the fish doesn’t mean it will survive if isn’t handled properly. The main principles of Keepemwet are: minimize air exposure, eliminate contact with dry surfaces, and reduce handling. As participants in this renaissance of catch and release, TU Teens have decided to host an Instagram contest to help aid in the awareness of keeping trout and the myriad of other fish that swim in the waters of the earth healthy with the least harm possible, so they can be caught another day. 
Of course this is a contest, and what is a contest without prizes? Participants have a chance of winning  a pair of Costa sunglasses of the winners choosing, and the runners up will be awarded prizes from Vedavoo Gear and more. The contest is open to anglers of all ages and runs from 8/29-9/26. All that is required is that the photo being entered is meaningful to the one who caught it, has the fish submerged/dripping, and follows the principles of Keepemwet. Good luck to anyone who enters and thank you for partaking in the contest and the revolution that is Keepemwet!
To Enter the Contest:

1.Follow @tuteens on Instagram
2.Post a picture of your best in the water/dripping fish picture with the tag #tuteenskeepemwet on Instagram
3.Tag @tuteens in your post! 


Best of luck! 
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