Reflections from the Teen Summit | Dane

By Dane Johnson
As I reflect over a summit filled with such extraordinary people with strong ambitions, I also contemplate why I wanted to join this year’s National Teen Summit in Montana. I remember finding an ad in the paper for a thirty dollar fly fishing camp sponsored by TU and definitely wanted to apply to help increase my very limited experience of being a fly fisherman. However, what surprised me the most was not the gain of skills in fishing, rather a breathtaking understanding of what goes on to continue to make it great. I knew from then on that this was something to pursue, and luckily, the coordinator of that camp approached me for the opportunity to go to this fantastic Summit.
At the Summit I really saw what a diverse team of people can get accomplished. Each person proved their determination, each dedicated to conservation, and also very open to exploring diverse solutions. From what I experienced, I have never seen such cooperation to solve issues while at the same time so many different ways to approach solutions. I believe that this type of decision making and planning is the true key to success when battling a topic and seeing the team of teens bust out solutions was one of my favorite experiences at the Summit.
Dane is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fly Casters chapter in Colorado. This is his first Summit and he has attended a Trout Camp in Colorado. Dane is now a member of the YLC. The YLC is the volunteer body made up of TU Teens that helps to set the direction of TU’s Youth Education Initiative. Members of the YLC are passionate leaders bringing the mission of TU to their local communities while working on a broader scale to contribute to TU’s Youth Education Initiative at the national level.
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