Reflections from the 2015 Teen Summit | Zachary Test

This is the first installment in a series of reflections on the 4th annual Teen Summit.  

Zachary joined 24 other exemplary teens for the 4th annual Teen Summit in Cullowhee, NC to participate in leadership sessions, conservation activities, and fly fishing. Next year, Zach will be attending Rio Grande University in Rio Grande, OH.  We will miss him as a TU Teen but look forward to hearing more from him as TU member in the future.  

Zach is pictured above catching a brookie on a small headwater stream of the Tuckaseegee.

By Zachary Test

     The  2015 TU Teen summit was truly a great experience full of life long friends and memories. During the summit, I was able to enjoy the company of many people around the country and share our alike passions and stories.    

     There were many opportunities for me to speak one-on-one with the many different instructors that presented at the summit.  Among these were people from different professions, such as fisheries biologists, natural resources conservationists, aquatic organism passage specialists, and even representatives from sportswear companies.  Eventhough they are in very different occupations, they share similar passions to preserve our cold watersheds.

     I am saddened that I will soon age out of TU Teens. Yet many other opportunities await me. I will be starting a 5 Rivers chapter in Gallipolis as well as continuing to help our local TU Teens chapter.  It was an honor to attend the Summit this year in my favorite place to vacation: the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains. I enjoyed learning of the local culture and history.  I look forward to what awaits my future and the future of our natural world. 


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