My Journey through TU

My journey with TU and Cold Water Conservation has been pretty rapid. I participated in a Trout in the Classroom camp ran by Jim McCarron at my local elementary school. I had always been interested in fishing prior to the camp, but my new infatuation with fly fishing began to blossom as I spent a second year at the TIC camp. I began to embrace the nature of conservation Jim McCarron provided by his camp and his various fishing practices. After being educated in conservation through Jim McCarron’s camp, Jim told me about the Coldwater Conservation School in Stokes Forest, New Jersey. When I attend the camp I learned more about the conservation of cold-water fisheries and trout’s habitats. After finishing the camp I carried on the knowledge and practices presented to me by fishing with barbless hooks, passing up fishing opportunities due to water temperature, and trying to clean up my local stream in any way I saw fit (picking up trash for the most part). I carried on my practices for about 2 year and then became involved in my High School’s Fly Fishing Club. I began to become a bigger part of TU through the club, due to the support the Hacklebarney TU Chapter provided to our club. I started to frequent at the monthly TU meetings and in time I was notified of TU Teen Youth Summit via both Mike Sankowich and Jim McCarron. I applied for the Summit in Wyoming and was accepted. At the Summit 26 other teens from across the country and I dealt with Teen involvement within the ranks of TU. We didn’t focus too much on conservation, aside from trying to involve teens into protecting our waters. From my journey through TU I have gained both knowledge and purpose in my life. Prior to the Teen Summit I lacked ideas for what my future career path would hold, but after questioning Chris Wood, the president of TU, at the Summit I found a direction. I am now looking into perusing a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management. I look forward to an enjoyable career due to the discoveries I have made about myself through Trout Unlimited and my initial experience through Trout in the Classroom by the hands of Jim McCarron.



said on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

great to hear your perspective!  what an interesting path...

said on Thursday, January 9th, 2014

You make our entire chapter super proud Alex !!


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