Core values of TU's youth education


     The NLC Youth Education Workgroup, in 2011, began a project to identify the common “Core Values” of the Headwaters Youth Education Initiative, which was begun by TU staff members lead by Franklin Tate.

     The Youth Education Workgroup created a Core Values survey which asked NLC’s, State Council Presidents and TU members to rate a list of potential Core Values that were created by the Workgroup.

     The results of this member survey were compiled and discussed by the NLC Workgroup over several months in 2012.

    From those survey results came the working body of the TU Youth Education Core Values, as follows:

1.      Our Next Generation- sharing the values of TU with the conservationists of tomorrow.

2.      Our Native and Wild Trout- Educating youth in the science of native fish and their ecosystems.

3.      Our Coldwater Resources- Protecting, restoring and being stewards of lakes, rivers and streams.

4.      Our Angling Heritage- Engaging youth in the activity, ethics and community of fishing.

5.      Our Responsibility as TU members- Maintaining safe, accessible and enjoyable opportunities for young people that will enhance their understanding of trout and their world.


The goal for all TU Youth Education events and outreach programs will be to incorporate at least two if not more of the above “Core Values” into each Educational Opportunity.


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